Clearing Land In Georgia With Forestry Mulching

Clearing Land In Georgia With Forestry Mulching

When it comes to clearing your land in Georgia you have a few options on how to get it done. In this article we will be talking about when it is ideal to forestry mulch your property and when it is not. 

First off, what is forestry mulching? Forestry mulching uses a large, hydraulically powered, grinder that cuts down the tree, grinds up the entire tree, including the stump, into a nutrient rich mulch. Unlike a wood chipper, the mulch from a forestry mulcher is sprayed out by the machine and not piled up. 

When Should You Use Forestry Mulching To Clear Land?

Forestry mulching is a great option to clear land whenever you are not building in the area you have mulched. For example let’s say you have 3 acres you want to build your house on. You would want to mark out where the house, driveway, and any other foundations would be. Everywhere outside of this is a great spot to forestry mulch. Since mulching leave the root ball in the ground you never want to build a foundation where you have forestry mulched, that area would need to have the trees completely dug out, which is referred to as stumping or grubbing. 


Another great option for forestry mulching is when you need to clean up, or thin out a heavily wooded area. This method of land clearing can help you thin out and clean up a forested area without damaging nearby trees and that nutrient rich mulch bed is great for the soil. This is a great way to achieve that parked out look and limit the risk or fire and pests. 

How A Finished Forestry Mulching Project Can Look


How The Mulch Looks At Ground Level

How Much Does Forestry Mulching Cost?

The nice thing about forestry mulching for land clearing is usually it only requires one man and one machine. Forestry mulchers have a very high operating cost and as such fetch a high hourly rate. That being said they are a one and done method of land clearing, no haul off, no burning. Forestry mulching with costs $2500 per 8 machine hour day and we generally clear 1-2 acers per day depending on the density and the size of the trees we are taking down. We will often tell customers to budget around $1500-$2000 per acre on multi acre projects as a good starting point. 

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